Welcome to Casa Amapola!

Welcome to Casa Amapola!

Welcome to Casa Amapola! A luxurious tango guest house right in the heart of Makati. 

Barely half an hour away from the international airport is a guest house that offers luxury accommodation at affordable pricesCasa Amapola offers bed and breakfast to travelers visiting the city. Whether you are on a business trip or a pleasure trip and would like to break-away from the cliche of what a standard hotel can offer and simply adapt and feel the vibrance  of what life is all about in Manila, then Casa Amapola is the perfect place for you.

It has a unique concept which combines art and business under one roof. The idea was conceived by a tango aficionado who is so enamored by the passion and sophistication of  Argentine Tango that he chose Tango to be the central  theme of Casa Amapola interiors.  

You don't have to be a tango aficionado to stay in Casa Amapola

Casa Amapola is for everyone who believes in joie de vivre.

Come stay with us when you visit Manila!

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